Drake released his first album in 2006 called "Room for Improvement". Then when he realized tons of people were listening to him and they loved it, he then released another album in 2007. The album he released in 2007 was called "Comeback Season". Then in 2008, he took a break and never released an album that year. In 2009, he named his album "So Far Gone". In 2010, he never made an album either. In 2011, he released his popular album, Take Care. In 2013, he released his studio album "Thank Me Later" album. Then in 2013 at the end of the year, he released his "Nothing Was The Same" and it went platinum a couple weeks after. That was the second time one of his albums went platinum.

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    Drizzy Drake

    Aye. My name is Aubrey Drake Graham but I go by Drizzy Drake. I love to rap and show passion and emotion in my songs.



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